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Whirlwind FX Element

Whirlwind FX Element Gaming Keyboard Review

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Hope you guys are doing fantastic. Back again with another review. Today I’m taking a look at this, element, keyboard, and this is from a whirlwind FX, and this has kale, red switches. We’re going to go ahead and test out the sound. Also. This has some cool features which I’m going to show after. I’m going to not spoil it, so let’s get right into it. Let’s go ahead and open up the box. Alrighty. So packaging wise, uh, nothing impressive. Uh, just a plain box pretty much here. And we’ve got the keyboard here and also the key removal. As well. So first impressions on this element keyboard. It looks pretty cool because of this. A nice metal finish here and the keys look nice as well. It’s not too heavy, which is good. And in the back here, it’s like a carbon finishes almost. And also you can put it higher as well. So just to let you know, like how loud these are. So these are the kale switches. So just I’m gonna, this is, if you’re doing some gaming here, what if you press them lightly? Not much noise.

I like, I like these kinds of keyboards because I don’t want that like the heavy mechanical keyboard where it’s like. When you press it, it’s like everyone is waking up. So this is not too loud. It’s nice. So let’s go ahead and plug this in and see what cool things this can do because this is a full RGB keyboard, but it also has the option to mirror whatever you see on the screen. So let’s go ahead and test that out. So take a look at the specifications of this element keyboard. So obviously we have the kale, red switches, and also durability, 70 million keystrokes. And the actuation distance, two-millimeter actuation, force 50 G. And when it comes to total key travel, we have that at four eight millimeters. Looking at the table here, it’s nicely braided and it’s pretty long as well, which is nice. And also the keys here, as you see, we get the key removal as well included, uh, which is very easy to remove the keys. So let me just go ahead and put these two back on there. Uh, let’s say I want to take a key off, uh, just put this in there and. Pull it off. And that’s pretty much it.

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Uh, it’s great when you want to clean your keyboards, so this is a great way. So let’s go ahead and plug this in and install the software and see what this can do. Perfect. So right now I do have the Whirlwind FX Element effects application installed. Uh, the first thing you see here, you’re able to download some profiles on the first page here. There’s like Fortnite and call of a duty war zone. So just to make some profiles easier to work with. Uh, you can go ahead and download them straight from here. You kinda need to sign up first in order to download anything here. But first, let’s just go under devices. So we have the element here. Uh, let’s say I want to switch color. I would just click the gear icon there and let’s say I want a green color here. I would just click the paint button and I can just like kind of paint over and it will, it’s going to change the colors as you see, like on the keyboard there. Which is pretty cool. It makes it super easy, like to switch colors.

Let’s say I want the WLA as D colors red. I can just go ahead and click the pin button again, w as the here, and as you see it does it right away, which is pretty cool. This part works awesome. So under stats here, we’re able to see the firmware version and the pulling grade here. So right now, if I go ahead and goto the effects tab here, we’re able to choose that some profiles that are already in here, like the rainbow. Um, and some you need to kind of download from the dashboard here. So you have some more options. Like, uh, let’s just go ahead and download this one, the war zone here. So when you play Warsaw, the profile is going to be set for that. So let’s go under effects here. So right now we see the rainbow effect. If I can go ahead and make it faster or slower. So whatever you see on the screen, that’s the way he’s going to do it. And also, if I one-word circle, so the colors look pretty cool.

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And let’s go ahead. We can also choose a solid color if we want to. So any color we want, we can go ahead and choose from here as well, which is nice. But the cool thing is, let’s say I would go under solid color and I’m going to go call of duty here. So this is the part I really wanted to show, and you can definitely see this kind of mirror whatever is on the screen. Um, the keyboard there, and it does a pretty good job. Um, and there are profiles. Obviously, you can select like the call of duty, there’s like the fortnight, so it makes it a little bit more color specific. So you’re, I’ll say just to choose the natural one, I will also screen mirror that as well. And this is how it looks like. So my final thoughts on this element keyboard from Whirlwind FX Element. It does have some software issues, tends to use the CPU and GPU a little bit too much. I hope that that is something that they can fix afterward, uh, by doing some more software updates.

And the other thing, which I wish this had is let’s say you want to save color and you want to just exit the software so it’s not using any CPU or GPU. As soon as you exit, it just goes back to the normal colors that you see here. So that’s the only issue. It’s like the software part of it when you exit and the GPU and CPU usage. But other than that, this is pretty cool. The mirroring part, which when you’re playing games, so that is like the cool factor of this. A keyboard. It definitely does a great job there. And also the kale, red switches do a great job as well. Not too loud. Ah, they’ve worked great for gaming and all that stuff, so you’re able to pretty much adjust his keyboard any way you want to when it comes to the color, to the RGB part of it, and it works pretty well. If you guys have any questions about this keyboard, Be sure to let us know in the comments how you like the whirlwind FX element gaming keyboard review.

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