Top 3 ThinkPad T Series Laptops for 2020

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Hey guys, welcome back Gsmarena. And yes, the top 3 ThinkPad T series laptops that are coming out pretty soon from Lenovo pretty excited about these three laptops. It is the ThinkPad T14, T14s and then T15, right the T14 is the size of the display which is going to be 14 inches. And the T15 is going to be a large model. And the reason why I’m pretty excited about these machines is that they’re going to have the latest AMD Ryzen processor. So I’m going to show you guys a couple of clips of how these machines look. You know, look wise they don’t really look like a lot of changes. A lot of the modifications have been changed inside internally like the processor I believe you’re going to be running the latest AMD processor as well as the latest Intel 10th generation I believe the T15 is going to have a GPU, I think all three of them have a GPU. This is the reason why I liked them so much. So let’s get started.

ThinkPad T14

This is how it looks. Again it looks like a regular ThinkPad, black with the little mouse in between the trackpad and all that stuff looks like it has a fingerprint scanner. This guy actually has an ethernet jack on the right-hand side pretty cool. Beautiful, nice 14s look just like the 14. I think the only difference between both of them is a multiple version on the display and memory cap. One of them has more memory than the other one depends on how you set it up during purchase. But yeah, and I believe this guy doesn’t have ethernet jack sucks that look at that display for their 14s nice.

ThinkPad T15

This is how it looks. This one is the one with the full keyboard layout with the number pad. This is the one I would definitely get because I’m assuming it has a lot of power. And it also has the ethernet jacks so hardwire in which is a plus. Awesome. And now this is the reason why I like these three are these are my top three, right the T series, right? And this is the reason Look, look bird’s eye view of what you’re going to get with these machines. Now the retail price for these three machines is going to start around $849. And it’s going to go up to I don’t know maybe$3000, or retail prices around $800 between $1049 as the retail price for these models. And the more specifications that you put into these machines like memory, hard drive, display, if you get the graphics card, depending on what type of CPU you get, it’s going to cost a lot of money.

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Now for the 14s the 14 and the 15 overall all of them are going to get up to a two terabyte solid-state drive right. For display, each of them has different types of display. For some of them, you’re going to get a full HDIPS. Some of them you’re going to get HD TN and you’re some of them are going to have 4k IPS with a bunch of different versions of nits. On the T15, you’re actually going to get ita 4k IPS with 500 nits which are pretty cool. There is a version for touchscreen right? It looks like the 14s is the only one that going to have an integrated graphics card which is the Intel one. 14 and the 15 of both are going to have the Nvidia GeForce with the integrated Intel graphics card which is awesome both of them are going to get the MX 330 with two gigs, the T14, and a T15 the cap of memory is going to be around48 gigs of 14s on and goes up to 32 gigs.

All three models’ keyboards are backlit which is awesome white which is standard, a lot of ports for all of them. I think only the 14 and the 15 are the only ones with the RJ45 or the ethernet jack. I will say I’ll definitely go with a T15 because that’s the bigger model it has the full keyboard layout, that’s the type of machine I would like to purchase myself. For security, it looks like all of them going to have at least an IR camera, you’re going to be able to use Windows Hello. But all three of them and going to have the think shutter which is a huge, huge plus for privacy. You know that’s pretty cool. But overall, all three models are pretty cool. I’m leaning towards more the T15 I would definitely like to have that one in the lab and test it out for you guys. I would like to see how battery life runs on these three machines. I know with the 4k model the battery life probably a little low. But who knows. And that’s it, guys.

ThinkPad T14s

That is what Lenovo today released for the lineup the T14 the T14s and the T15. I think the only one that I’m super excited about as a T15 to get inside the lab and test it out for you guys I would love to see how the battery life works out you know these machines are built to do you know 3D rendering, edits, you know 4k videos, so I would definitely do all that stuff if I have one of these guys inside the lab. So hopefully you guys enjoyed this article, leave comments right below don’t forget about hitting that comment or do whatever you need to do.

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