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Sxfi Theater Headphones Review

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I hope you guys are doing fantastic today. Here I will review the Sxfi Theater Headphones. I’m looking at some cool headphones, which are supposed to make you feel that there are no headphones. And these are the SX FFI from creative. And just taking a look at some of the things on the back of the box here, we have three hours in battery life, low latency, SX, F by the wireless transmitter, so that’s perfect for gaming. And also the ear pads, which are leather, are also detachable. And we also have a detachable gaming microphone. So for the exciting part, let’s go ahead and open up the box and see how the headset looks like. So the first things you see here are the headsets and all the other things I believe should be underneath that, which we have another box here. First thing, taking a look at the headset here feels like high-quality materials, everything. It feels nice. Uh, so you’re able to move it extended of course here to fit your head. And logistical had been quickly put. So one thing I noticed here, you can see here is an L a this is perfect because of its most headset.

There’s like, you kind of have to guess sometimes just like put it on and it’s like, you know, you’ve put it the wrong way. So this is actually perfect. They put some big letters here so you know exactly which side is which. And uh, over here we do have some buttons. Uh, we have the super X, F, I, N, the volume, and the microphone mute. And then down here we have the USB type C, also the 3.5-millimeter input as well. And on the back, the power button and the input for the microphone as well, which also has a nice plug here if you don’t need to use that. So let’s try them on and see how they feel. They do feel comfortable. They’re not too heavy. And, uh, the nice leather cushioning here feels nice. And also, I’m pretty sure the solidly kitsch is going to be good on these because right now, you can feel like they’re airtight in there. So let’s go ahead and see what’s in this small box here. So we have the manual, which also comes to the USB wireless.

Adapter here as well for the wifi and the microphone here. I’m interested to see how this sounds like. It’s actually pretty big down here, so probably that’s going to sound good. So we’re going to see that one. And also we got the USB type C cable and another USB adapter. So this is, if you want the adapter closer to your desk, you can use that. And we got the 3.5-millimeter cable here. Also, the first thing, before you go ahead and plug anything in, you kinda need to download the SX FFI app. So this is the letter you get is like, read me first. Uh, the first thing you do is downloading the app. And then personalize your super xFi profile. So pretty much we’re going to take a picture of your like ear and also the side of your face, and then you’re going to just log in with that same username and password on your PC or Mac and the sxfi theater headphones should be specified to your ears. Alrighty, so I’ve got the app installed both on my phone and also laptop here.

The first thing you need to do is plug in the wireless adapter on your laptop. And the second thing you do after you logged in and everything on your app, we’re going to go on the left-hand side here, and we’re going to go on wireless set up. And here we’re going to be able to see that ESX, F I theater. So click on that. Perfect. So if you get this, uh, let’s say you’re clicking here and nothing happens, what you need to do is on the adapter itself, there’s a button you have to click connect. And there we go. So I’m just going to go ahead and confirm, and right now it should connect. So right now it’s connected, successfully paired, which is nice. So the next thing, what you want to do is to personalize your headset. We’re going to go ahead and click personalize here. So when we’re looking to do the head mapping, first you have to take a picture of your left, right, dear. Then the face. So if you have an assistant to help you take a picture that wouldn’t be perfect. So right now you can see a, it took a picture of my right ear, and it kind of maps it out. And I’m going to go ahead and click next here.

So right now it wants to scan my face so. Oh, it does it pretty quick, and it captures, they’re right there as you see it, maps it out, which is cool. So right now it says your head has been mapped and we have computed your personal audio map. So finally time to test this out. I have some Dolby files here, got them directly from their website, and I do have the super X F I bought pressed. So right now let’s just go ahead and hit play here and see how these sound like. She’s going to put full volume here. Oh, okay. The first impression on these. They do sound amazing. Um, I wish I could describe how they sound like. Because when you press this super button here, it feels like there are speakers around you pretty much. To sum it up, it feels like you’re in an IMAX theater, and when there’s like bass and everything like you hear it all around you. That’s exactly how these feel like for movies, these are definitely going to be my favorite, uh, sxfi theater headphones and I’m really looking forward to doing some gaming with these and see how that sounds like.

But before we do that, I’m going to go ahead and put this in and we’re going to go ahead and test out the mic how that sounds like. So let’s, uh, test this one out. So right now I’m using that detachable microphone and a, you can hear the quality for yourself and just taking a look at the SX FFI control panel here. We’re able to do some cool things. Um, especially the lighting. You’re able to see the ring light here on both sides here. You’re able to choose any color, your one. I’m going to demonstrate that after a little bit more and a super you’re able to turn it on straight from there or it just clicks the button here. And there’s a problem, which I have noticed, which I’m going to share during the end as well, which, uh, I don’t really like, but taking a look at the setup option here, I’m able to set like the sxfi theater headphones to stereo 5.1 7.1 and mixer. We’re able to choose the volumes and all that stuff here. So right now you kinda hear what it sounds like for the microphone.

Uh, just putting this, the microphone just a little bit further away. Uh, you can see, you can hear how it sounds like, uh, but if you put it the real close here, uh, definitely I can see, uh, looks way better, even the spikes here. So that’s pretty much the. Quality of the microphone. So right now I’m going to go ahead and show you how the color changes happen here. Uh, so right now I’m on the actual app here. And, uh, there we go. Uh, so blue, uh, let’s say I won green. So pretty much you’re able to choose any color you want to, and if you want to save a little bit more battery time, you can definitely turn it off. Um, so you can definitely make it a little bit lighter or make it stronger, brighter here. So that’s pretty much how that color works after using these headsets for a good amount of time. I can definitely say these are some of the best headsets that I’ve had so far. Uh, the main thing is that definitely feels like when you’re listening to these, it feels like there are like speakers around you.

It doesn’t feel like you have anything on, which is pretty impressive. Now I know why they got all those awards. So after doing some gaming, I could definitely hear people like on the back shooting. Oh, you can definitely hear those. It feels perfect. And if you’re listening to music, watching movies, the base on this art is great. Hi Matt. Just feel good. Everything. Uh, when it comes to the audio quality is good, with these and the latency, I didn’t notice any latency of the wifi while gaming either, which is good. So the downside definitely there is a downside and it’s the volume knob here. So let’s say you want to go ahead and mute, uh, something quickly, or just turn the volume down and you just want to turn the knob like fast. It doesn’t work that way. The faster you go, the slower the volume goes down. So you kind of have to go slow if you want to go with the volume to go faster, which, uh, it’s kind of doesn’t work at all. And the other thing is when I’m turning the volume down or.

Do your know-how in the windows you get the percentage? Uh, like on my Logitech headset, I’m able to see like the wallet I’m going up and down in the percentage after this. It’s all like kind of built-in I think. So it’s turning the volume down, but I don’t see it there and it just doesn’t really work that well. And it’s something you kind of use a. A lot too, so that’s the only downside of the headset. Nothing to do over there. How do you, but the knob, the volume knob here, I highly recommend these headsets. Definitely, if we’re going to be doing some gaming or watching movies, they sound great. The first thing you need to do when you get these headsets, obviously it’s just got the app, take pictures of your face, ears, and then it sets it up for you. I, it does take like a minute or so to set everything up, but after that, you’re all set. You don’t need to redo it again. So that kind of sums up the review.

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