Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite
Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Full Review

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Now since this review unit did not come with a box, similar to the Note 10 Lite, let’s dive into the specs of the phone. Now the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite comes with the Snapdragon 855 chipset, with the Adreno 640 GPU. In Malaysia, it comes with 8GB of RAM with 128GB of storage, which is using the UFS 2.1, and then it comes shipped with Android 10 with the ONE UI version 2 skin. Now going into the color finishes, it comes in 3 colors for you guys to choose from, the one which I have is the Prism White, hashtag white love as always. And then there’s also Prism Blue and Prism Black. OK now talking about the Samsung Galaxy A-series since it does have a flat-screen, instead of the curved flagship screens, and then there’s the in-display fingerprint sensor, which is one of the fastest that I’ve tasted in a very long time, within this price range.

Then at the back there’s3 cameras and a flash, with the square camera design that Samsung seems to use a bit more moving forward for their devices. Now as for the phone’s ports and buttons, looking down below there is the USB-C port with no headphone jack. Hm-mm. And then there’s also the mono-firing speaker, Then the power button and also the volume rocker is on the right. And you’ll find the dual-SIM card slot, with the MicroSD slot which supports up to 1TB of storage. Now as for the phone screen, like the Note 10 Lite, it comes with a 6.7 inch super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels and then viewing videos onYouTube and Netflix was great as you guys can see and would expect from Samsung devices, where there is the hole-punch of the Infinity-O, right in the middle, instead of the cut-outs being at the side, which was in the other S10 variants.

Now in terms of the camera specs, as I mentioned there are 3 cameras at the back, One is a 48 Megapixel f 2.0 26mm Wide lens. Then there’s a 12 Megapixel f 2.2 12mm Ultra wide-angle lens. And a 5 Megapixel 2.4 which is a dedicated Macro lens. Now pictures on the main lens were really good and surgically sharp, with a lot of details and dynamic range during the day. Now the live focus was also nice with great background separation and proper emphasis on a person’s face, as you guys can see. Then looking at the closer shallow depth of field object shots, here’s where the Macro lens comes in handy to get those really nice shallow depth of field type of images. Now I’ve always been a fan of the ultra-wide-angle shots for Samsung phones. and you guys can see right now, it wasn’t a disappointment at all. Then as for the Night mode,  I really loved how the images came out for the main lens compared to the wider shots, so I would stick to the main lens to get the best shots during a night.

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Now as for the phone’s front camera, it comes with a 32 Megapixel f 2.2 aperture and a “shelfie”… and selfie shots for the past several Samsung phones that I’ve tested have been amazing,  so was the pictures from this phone, where I have to say that I love the slightly wider shots again for the front camera where you can choose between those modes,  with the regular selfie, or even the really nice live focus mode for the front camera. Now as for post, the rear camera records up to UHD 2160p  up to 30 frames per second (FPS) where the video looks nice with proper detail and almost no overexposed shots for the main lens, and the Ultra wide-angle lens also did not disappoint as well. Now there is a Super Steady mode as mentioned at the back of the camera, where it automatically switches to1080p were in this shot, I was running really fast, and it was super smooth as seen in this video footage.

To my surprise, it was really loud, and had good clarity on the mids and the highs, with a decent amount of bass. And here’s a quick sound test. Now as for the phone software, it comes with Android 10 with ONE UI 2. If you guys have been watching my past 3 Samsung videos that I’ve done, you know that I love the ONE UI 2 so that was no different when it comes to this phone, like multi-tasking and going about using this phone as my daily driver was really nice. Now let’s talk about the phone’s battery life.  The phone comes with 4,500 mAh of battery and to my pleasant surprise, I got a whopping 7 and a half hours of screen on time when I was at 10% battery and this is without dark mode turned on, so imagine the amount of battery that you can save with the dark mode as well.

And here’s where I think it does come down to the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite having the better Snapdragon 855 chipset compared to the Exynos 9810, which was on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite. Now there are the fast charging 25-watts but there’s no wireless charging present on the phone. Now as for the phone’s gaming, playing games like Asphalt 9 and also COD mobile, since a lot of people are playing that, had great gameplay and also smooth as well, with no heating issues when playing games on a really long time on the phone. OK, In conclusion, I really have to thank you guys, because I really wasn’t planning on reviewing the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite because like I mentioned earlier, the brand of S20 is coming out really soon, but I’m really glad that you guys made me review the phone because in my opinion, if you don’t really need the S Pen I would totally recommend this phone.

And if you guys are wondering whether or not I would prefer this phone and recommend this phone over the S10e, I would say yes, because it has a bigger display and a better resolution, and of course, a bigger and an amazing battery life on this phone. Now the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is going for a retail price of RM2,699 and I’ll leave links at the description below for you guys to get one.

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