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Monoprice Modern Retro Headphones Review

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I will review the Monoprice Modern Retro headphones and I’ll let you guys know how this headphone blew my mind. Now firstly, the unboxing process is pretty straight-forward as due to its price factor, it just comes with the headphones, which are covered with the protective plastic wrapper and that’s it. Now this headphone is an over-the-ear headphone where it sits comfortably on your head and at the sides as well. It rested very well, and I did not feel any fatigue compared to the typical-ear headphones that I have tested so this means two things: Firstly, it is super comfortable when you put it on your head, and of course, second of all, if you guys listen to music for a really long time, you will find your ears to sweat just a little bit, but I did not mind the latter since I loved the overall comfort. Now as for build quality, the headphone is overall made of hard plastic. It is pretty light and although it felt light and “cheap”, but considering its price, my expectations were low on this headphone but of course, for me, the lighter the better.

One thing to keep in mind, that this headphone has no manual adjustments for the headband so it will adjust according to your head when you put it on as there are these moving parts at both sides of the monoprice modern retro headphones to make sure that it holds in place. Now speaking of the headbands, it is made of plastic leather, there are no paddings over there so if you guys are bald-headed, you might have a little issue over there, so keep that in mind. Now the ear pads are decent, not the most comfortable ever, but at the same time, not uncomfortable during long usage, and what’s great is that you can easily change the ear pads to a Monoprice brand type, or even other brand ear pads as well, so that’s great to know. Now there is no option to fold the ear cups to store the headphones and you can’t even rotate the ear cups as well, so take note of that.

Now I have to say, that the overall design of this headphone does look very close to the AKG K240 headphones. Now since this is a straight-forward wired headphone, there is no option to control the playback controls, as expected. And speaking of wired headphones, I love how it comes with a really long9.8 feet cable and it also has a quarter-inch jack, which you can screw off to use a 3.5mm monoprice modern retro headphones jack, but it would be nice if the cables could be replaced in the future because you can’t, as the wires are built-in into the monoprice modern retro headphones. Now, let’s talk about sound and its listening experience. First of all, right under the ear cups, there is a 50mm speaker driver compared to a typical 40mm speaker driver, which most headphones within the price range have. Now here is where listening through this headphone was really mind-blowing because I had very low expectations when listening on this headphone and here’s my breakdown according to the type of music that I listen to on the headphones.

Now first of all, as a rock fan, I listened to Creed’s Full Circle Album and I found that the clarity was amazing. The guitars, the bass, and the drums were well balanced, but I did find that the kick drums could use a bit low end, but then again, my expectations were low, so I skipped to another band. Next, I heard Queen, and here is where I could feel the nice clean vocals from Mr. Freddy Mercury, so I was starting to geta bit more impressed. Then when I switch to Deadmau5’s “There Might Be Coffee” and Astral’s “Pyramid”, here is where I was absolutely floored by the sound quality, especially, when the kick kicks in. I could not only typically find the bass vibrate nicely on the ear cups, but even at its maximum volume, the bass was clear as the sky! And there was a proper vocal and music balance when listening to Logic’s “Young Sinatra IV” album.

So finally, I went to listen to something a bit more low key and a bit more low energy, where I listen to James Morrison’s “You Gave Me Something” and here is where again, the overall raspy vocals and the music gelled perfectly. Oh, I don’t have footage of me doing this, as I just subscribed to a premium account for Tidal, so thank you Theban. Right after shooting these B-rolls and I listen to the same songs and I even tested songs that I am not really proud of… like… Justin Bieber’s “Yummy” Yeah… And yes, this headphone handled the 808 low-end bass sound like a beast, with no distortion at maximum volume. So yes, I was really impressed by the sound, and I loved the monoprice modern retro headphones so much, that I was even listening to this headphone while I was scripting this video, and I have to say that I’ve missed listening to wired headphones, as it meant that I did not have to typically worry about battery life, or even pairing any of my devices with this headphone.

So yes, this is one of the reasons why I’m out to look for a high-quality USB-C DAC or DAC, to plug into my smartphone and enjoy this kind of amazing sound quality, which I’m sure I’m going to get my hands on really soon since the guys from Tech X has a myriad of options available under their store. And now, for the moment that you guys have been waiting for. Yeap, the price. Believe it or not, this Monoprice modern retro headphones is going for only RM 225 and it’s an absolute no-brainer for you guys to get this headphone as it is the best-wired headphones that you can get within this price value and heck, even if this headphone was RM 400, I would still recommend it And if you guys are planning to get it, you can get it at Tech X’s website, where this headphone is available for sale over there, especially if you guys are from Malaysia. And for those of you who are interested to go to their retail store, they have a retail store at Damansara Perdana as well, where you could get your hands-on experience with the headphones.

And if you guys are not satisfied with the quality of their products, they will give you a refund and plus another 20% of what exactly you guys have paid for. And if you guys are planning to get this headphone stand, it’s also available on sale over there. So there you have it guys, now instead of me asking whether or not you guys are planning to get this headphone, I’m going to tell you guys to go out and get it because I think that this is definitely a headphone that I fully recommend, but in case you guys have any other questions, do let me know at the comment section below.

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