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Litmor Battery Wireless Camera Review

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Hope you guys are doing fantastic. Back again with another camera review. Today I’m taking a look at this. Litmor battery camera. So this is wire-free, doesn’t require any hub or anything like that. So just taking a look at the side here, some of the features. So we have a hundred percent wireless, 125-degree field of view that need to be HD video quality, 90 lumens spotlight. Two-way talk and 106 DB built-in siren as well, and customize motion zone, color, night vision, and weatherproof. So it has quite a few things. Also, you’re able to control this via Alexa and Google assistant and all that stuff. So let’s go ahead and open this up and see what we have inside. So the first thing we see here, we have a manual here written to me before use, and we’re going to take a look at that after. And the litmor battery camera itself here. First thing. This thing is huge. Um, I’m going to compare that with some other cameras. Uh, so let’s put that down for now, and let’s see, what else do we have here and in this little package? Um.

We should have the micro USB cable and some mountain screws here, and there’s one more thing hiding. And we also got some double-sided tape here if you want to Mount the unit here. So just a quick comparison, I have the blinking camera here, and this is like a huge ball of here, probably because it has some good batteries inside. We’re going to go ahead and open it after. And just take a look. The Mount here, you’re able to take this out if you don’t want to use it. And there’s also like a tripod mounting place here as well. So, but if you want to use this to Mount a Villa screws or just for the double-sided tape. You can just push it in there and you can like rotate it any way you want to, which works pretty cool. Actually, this is a nice piece here, and let’s go ahead and unlock this and see what we have inside. So pretty much just to open it, I just put it at the unlock and pull this off. And we do have two huge batteries in here, which are rechargeable, of course.

That’s the good part. And let’s just go ahead and take the batteries out for a second. So looking at the front here, we got a nice lens in there, pretty big here, and also a motion sensor as well. And the two lights here, which look very cool here. So right now I’m going to go ahead and install the Lismore app and connect this and see what we can do. And after I’m going to also show some footage, uh, during nighttime and daytime. Uh, just see the quality of this. Alrighty. So I do have the app installed here. So I’m just going to go ahead, hit the plus button here, and let’s see what it tells us to do next. So it’s telling me to scan the QR code, and that is inside the. The low ball here. So just take that part off and we don’t have that QR code here. I’m just going to go ahead and scan it. So right now you’re just asking me to give it a name here and let’s go next here. Press the reset button, twist open.

So again, I’m going to have to open it. So it’s telling me to go ahead and press the reset button for three seconds until I see a red light blinking. Because right now I see a green light blinking here. So let’s go ahead and do that. Oh, and you heard there was a little beep, and we do have a red light blinking here. So red light flashing. And right now it’s asking me to connect it to my wifi. So let’s go ahead and do that. So I connected to my wifi and it’s asking me if the green light is flashing. So let’s click that. Perfect. So I’ve gone ahead and set this up so it’s connected to my wifi. And you can see here it’s a life and work. Uh, the only thing is it looks like I’m going to have to charge the battery. Uh, but hopefully we can get the charge that we can get some footage so I can show you guys. And the quality so far here, I’m able to hear myself. So obviously that two ways. How do you, it’s working. Uh, so let’s go ahead and make this full screen so we get a nice field of view here. As you see, it looks pretty cool. So let’s go back now and see what else we can do here.

Okay, so let’s just test out what these buttons do at the bottom here. So the phone button, uh, obviously I think that’s the two reality or so. Let’s just test that out for now. So definitely that’s the two ways I’ll deal there. And it’s pretty loud. And the, at the bottom here, we do have the recording. So right now it’s recording and I believe this is going to save directly to my phone. I’m going to check that out after as well and if I want to. Yep. So video saved to my album, so that’s pretty good. Even if you don’t put an SDcard at first, if it gets like a notification, you can just go ahead and click the record there. But I would definitely put an SD card there right away as soon as you get it. And micro SD card that is, and on that. This part here. I’m not so sure what this light bulb does here for now. Sorry. Oh, okay. So that is that alarm and that is pretty loud. So I’m just going to go ahead and play it once more. Right. So that is definitely very loud.

Um, so that’s the, a good part there. So let’s just go to the settings menu. I just want to see what kind of settings we have here. So device name, live view, so battery saving mode. So alive, you will be automatically turned off in 10 seconds. So every time, 10 seconds, it will ask you to continue if you want to continue viewing the live mode and lights. So spotlight indicator light. Um, so that is odd. So I guess I’m going to have to turn off the lights so we can test out the indicator lights, see how that part works. And then we do have it like a schedule, real-time notifications, device sharing so that you’re able to add more users there, which was pretty cool. And then more plus. So here, uh, we, I see there’s like cloud storage available soon, so I’m assuming that’s coming soon. And smart alerts as well. And also just. Scrolling down here. Motion detection, sensitivity, and siren here. So we do get regular alerts and urgent alerts. So, and also the volume, if you’re able to adjust that as well, that’s pretty cool. And talkback volume, uh, you’re able to adjust that as well.

So there are quite a few settings here. Uh, definitely this, uh, this is another one of those cheap cameras, like by the look of it, like I’m looking at the app and also just taking a look at that overall litmor battery camera, the how it’s built. It seems like premium quality here, which is really nice. And this is like under a hundred US it’s, I believe it’s $89. So right now what I’m going to do is update the firmer to the latest version. Also, recharge the battery, and then we’re going to go ahead and get some footage, see how that looks like. So my final thoughts on this. A more litmor battery camera. The good thing is this is pretty big. So definitely the batteries are going to last and the way the mounting works, it’s pretty cool. It’s not like other cameras that I’ve seen before. So if you want to use this one to Mount it anywhere with screws or just a double-sided tape, you can do that or you can just take it off and put this somewhere as well.

It stays there and it looks nice too. It’s like a, it’s nice, like a giant ball pretty much here, but the overall quality, um, no complaints there. Um, the siren definitely works out great. And that. The tiny DP litmor battery camera is good too. There’s a motion sensor and all that works well. And even the spotlight works great as well. So not much complaints there at all. Uh, the only thing is, I wish this was like a little bit more high rise than 10 ADP. If it was like two Kor four K, that’s asking a little bit too much. I think it would have made this much, much better. Uh, look at the size of this. Uh, it’s definitely worth it because you’re getting the big batteries inside, and this, uh, is also rechargeable as well.

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