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Lenovo Yoga C940 Review

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Hope you guys are doing fantastic. Back again with another review. Today I’m taking a look at this. A Lenovo Yoga C940 laptop. So this has a 4K touch display, and also it features Intel 10th generation. It also has the Intel Irisplus graphics and some more features, which I’m going to show. So let’s get right into it. Looking at the Lenovo Yoga C940 here, it is nice looking with, it’s a nice 4K display here. And it just looks very nice and sleek. So let’s go ahead and take a look on the side here. So on the side that features a USB port, also two USB type CS here. So you’re able to charge this a nine40 with a USB type C, which is amazing. And also we have a 3.5millimeter input here as well. So you’re pretty much able to put your headphones in there. On the other side, it’s pretty clean. Uh, the only thing is we only have the power button here, and that’s it. Looking at the back, there is something hiding there. We do have a pan here, which you can go ahead and remove and it does charge and everything.

So this is pretty cool. So if you’re going to grab this and draw something, and when you’re done, you can just put it back in here and push it in there and it’s hidden. Which is very cool, so looking at that keyboard area, it’s a very nice keyboard. It also backlit as well and we have a nice touchpad here with a good amount of space as well, which works out pretty good too. So taking a look at the speaker here for the small factor that it is, the way they put it in, it sounds amazing. Definitely. You can hear some bass in there, which is pretty nice when it comes to these small factor laptops. You don’t really hear base on other ones. But this one, they managed to stick it in there. It sounds the audio sounds great on these. And also for some added security.

We do have a fingerprint reader on the side. So this laptop is fully packed with everything you need. So the cool factor, but the camera part here, you’re able to slide, there’s a little bit slide here. You can open up the camera and close it up for privacy concerns. So this is perfect, especially nowadays, like with all these zooms, security going on, and all like all of these online classes. So this is like a perfect thing to have in here. I just slide it in case someone, uh, hacks or laptop, uh, at least they won’t see you if that’s on the slider there. So right now I want to go ahead and run some benchmarks. And just to show you here, I’m going to go ahead and set it to extreme performance. And this is the Lenovavantage application. Uh, you’re able to do some optimizations here as well.

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And also if I go under the battery here, I’m just going to set it to the best performance. So the first benchmark, which I’m running is the Senate bench is 15. So let’s go ahead and hit run here. So the center bench is finished. So on the open GL, we got 67 point65 FPS and the CPU six 66 on CB. And, uh, one thing I noticed is it does tend to get, uh, the fan noise. It got a little bit loud there, but it doesn’t really get hot like on areas like this here. Uh, unlike on the front here, it’s still cool and everything only plays that kind of like, tends to get warm is like near the speaker area over here. So it’s definitely, so if you have your hands on that like touchpad or like around this area, you don’t even feel that. It’s like, it stays pretty cool, which is nice. So right now I’m going to go ahead and test out the superposition benchmark here and at 10 ADP medium with a direct X.

So let’s see how does here, I’m not expecting too much since this is not a gaming laptop. So let’s go ahead and hit run. Alrighty. So the test results are in for the superposition benchmark here we got 1658. And when we’re looking at their frames, a minimum 10.37 average 1240 and max 14 points 87 and I wasn’teven expecting that much since. This is not a gaming PC, but it does have the Intel iris plus graphics. So that’s definitely helping it. So right now I want to go ahead and test out the speed of the SSD. So let’s go ahead and click call here. So looking at the final results here, this one terabyte SSD has some amazing numbers here.

We have 3,554 in Reed and 3008 in. Right? That’s insane. And you can definitely feel if you’re installing something or even like loading something a game. Definitely, this helps out. So I love seeing these numbers here. So blink some Fortnite here and I have it that very low setting here. And, um, it doesn’t look bad at all. And, uh, I’m getting some decent frame rate here so far is around 50 frames per second. It tends to go up to like, it’s hovering like between like 50 and 60. So right now I’m getting around 60frames per second, which is pretty cool. So definitely playable and it doesn’t get that warm either, which is pretty cool. Like, and this is not even a gaming laptop and it’s able to run the Fortnite here. So just to show you what settings I’m running fortnight on. So if I go down here, so we do have it at a 10 ADP resolution frame rate, 60 frames here. And if I go under, we’re 3d resolution.

I have it set at 66% view distance, medium shadows off, and tantalizing medium textures, low effects, low POS processing, low. So definitely it’s able to handle the game with those settings. And it does it in very like you’re getting almost 60 FPS here, 50 60 which is very good. It’s definitely playable. So my final thoughts on this, a yoga, see nine 40 laptops. Uh, one thing I have to say, it is pretty amazing with everything that’s packed in here. It’s like a very thin laptop. It does come to the 15-hour battery life. And it’s actually, I only have to charge this, uh, twice. And that’s it. And I’ve been running all these benchmarks, also trying to run some games here. The battery seems to last very long, which is good. And also within one hour, you can charge the battery up to 80%. And the other cool thing, it does come with a 60 watt, adapter here, which is USB type C, which is. Amazing.

And then let’s not forget that this does have a touch screen, 4K display as well, which is very responsive. That one works pretty well. And the other thing, the cool thing, which you can do with this is pretty much turning it all the way here. So you’re able to like to draw something here. And the other cool factor, which I showed is the pen. So you’re able to pull the pen here when you need it, draw something or write notes, and then when you’re done, just put it back. And it just goes back to its place here, which is pretty cool. And then when we’re looking through, run some games on these, you’re definitely able to run some a Minecraft, even Fortnite that Lowe’s packs, um, you’re able to run this, uh. The only thing is it tends to get a little bit hot up here by the speakers, which is not bad at all.

I’m like Don here by the touchpad. It doesn’t really get warm. It still stays pretty cool. Uh, the only thing that I couldn’t really test out is the temperatures of the GPU and CPU here, because it was giving me readings of let’s say one minute. It was like 50 Celsius and the other like second, it was actually like 80. It was dropping. Back and forth. So that’s the only thing, but it didn’t get too hot here. If you’re playing games, obviously the fan noise tends to go way up. That’s something you can definitely hear. But if you’re just on a like watching movie or just like writing notes on this, or just drawing, there’s no noise or anything, everything stays cool. If you guys have any questions about this Lenovo yoga c940 laptop, Be sure to let us know in the comments how you like the Lenovo Yoga C940 laptop review.

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