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Lenovo ThinkPad T14s

Lenovo ThinkPad T14s AMD Full Review

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We have our Lenovo ThinkPad T14s AMD processor setup guide. Cool.   We have our 65-watt power supply, which is actually a Type C connection, and we have our power cord which we are actually going to plug this guy is good to go. Awesome. And last but not least we have the beautiful ThinkPad t14s with the AMD processor, weighing around two points 95   pounds with a thickness of zero point 66, inches. It has a lot of ports and features we’re going to start on the right-hand side, on the right-hand side we have one 3.2 USB always-on charging on the left-hand side we have our combo audio jack. We have an HDMI, we have an additional 3.2 USB port,   we have our network extension port, which also allows you to hook up a mechanical docking system,   and inside there we have one type C port. And last but not least we have our type C port which allows us to hook up our power supply. On the backside of the t14s, we have a nano sim card and micro SD  card slot. All right, so we’re going to open up the t14s part along we’re going to go over some of the specifications. And so let’s get right into that.

All right, so we just went over some of the ports on the Lenovo ThinkPad T14s AMD processor. So let’s open this guy up real slow. Awesome. Cool. So let’s power it on now the power button is actually located right here at the top so we’re going to press it to turn it on. Now with the t14s, you are able to log in with Windows Hello or with the fingerprint scanner right here. I’m going to slide this guy to your rights,   and I’m going to look at it, and hopefully, it logs me in. Awesome. So let’s talk about the trackpad on the t14s. It just works. I didn’t have any issues with it.   ThinkPad and the trackpads normally work with no problems, which is good. If you want to know the measurements of the trackpad if you take a quarter one nickel two dimes and one penny. That’s going to measure around three-point 98 inches. Now for the keyboard itself.

I love the way that the keyboard works on the Thinkpad and I’ve never had any issues with it so any negative remarks. If you want to know the measurement between each key if you take a nickel and a dime, that’s going to measure around zero points 11 inches. Now the keyboard for the t14s   is backlit right now it is turned off but if I hold the function key and the spacebar turns it on. This is your second level, and if you hit it one more time, it turns it off now for speakers the speakers actually located right here on the side at the bottom, the loudness that   I got on the t14s was around 84.3 decibels. Now we just went over the trackpad and the keyboard on the t14s with the AMD processor let’s talk about the display. Now the display is a 14 inch full HD IPS display with an anti-glare resolution is around 1920 by 1080, and the brightness on nits is around 500, like right now. I think this is the brightest that we could go. And this is the lowest on this particular model, if you go all the way up this is the highest and again,   this is the lowest – cool.

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Now the t14s with the AMD processor the display is the touch screen,   not a huge fan of the touch screen. I did find myself using it on the t14s,   when I was gaming, at the very top of the display we have our 720 HD webcam, with the think shutter. Which is cool. And at the very beginning of the video when we logged in,   I took advantage of the IR camera, which you know utilizes Windows Hello.   Alright so let’s talk about the performance on the t14s with the AMD processor. So on the desktop,   I’m actually going to right-click on the taskbar and we’re going to go into Task Manager. We’re going to maximize it a little bit going inside the Performance tab, and within the CPU graph, I’m going to right-click on it change the graph to a logical process. Oh, look at those processors. Whoa. So, the t14s is actually running the AMD ryzen seven pros 4750U CPU. Wow,   it has one socket eight cores, 16 logical processors. What! crazy now from memory has 16 gigs, and for your primary storage drive. It’s about 512 gigs.

Now don’t get me wrong,   if you spent a little bit more money you could get maybe a one terabyte solid-state drive,   but for this model. I only have the 512, and for your graphics card, it only has the AMD Radeon graphics, which is the standard with the CPU. Now using this machine for my day-to-day workflow,   especially when I was doing a lot of video editing and doing a lot of rendering Photoshop and all that stuff this machine was able to handle it with no problem. I did notice a lot of heating around this area, especially on the display. And when I was using it as a USB mouse. It just got really hot and the reason why is because you got a vent right here that pushes all that heat, one of the things I did not like when he was using the mouse on this site like this, all that heat just basically hits the hand. Now for the t14s with the AMD processor, I don’t really consider this machine a gaming machine. Okay, I was able to install bluestack and play SOS which is the state of survival.  

It gets extremely hot when you’re playing that game for long hours. So that’s a major concern for fan noise on the t14s, I did not hear any fan noise, which is kind of strange but awesome.   So I why I just I seriously I did not hear any fan noise when I was testing out this machine.   And that’s a huge, huge plus when it comes to laptops. Now for the battery on the t14s, I ran three tests on it using PC mark. So let’s open that guy up real quick. Awesome. The first test was modern office battery life in the last between 10 hours and 41 minutes on the second test, I ran gaming, two hours and 43 minutes it just couldn’t handle gaming at all. And the last test was basically video 10 hours and 16 minutes. When I actually had this guy off the power cord.   And I was just using it a day today. I’ve got between eight hours. And it really depends on what you’re doing on this machine if you’re playing video games.

If you’re rendering editing watching a video you could get between, I would say six and a half hours to seven hours of battery life,   but I was really happy with the battery life on the t14s. Alright so let’s conclude our view on the Lenovo ThinkPad T14s AMD processor so let’s talk about the pricing now retail starting price for this machine is around $840. It really depends on how you get it configured and the highest that you could go to is around $1100 dollars which is a good price. Now my experience using this guy, I was really satisfied with the performance I did have a couple of hiccups. And that was basically having my premiere crash on me and it was frozen, but it was more of a software problem not you know a laptop problem. Now another odd thing about the t14s was sometimes the display the brightness went up by itself.

And then it went down, it depends on what I was doing if I open up the settings app, the brightness went up, and then when I closed it the brightness went down. Now for the size for the t14s with the display size of 14 inches and weighing around two points 95 pounds. I consider this guy to be a great lightweight laptop to travel around the battery life is awesome. I mean with the testing I got around 10 hours of real-life testing I got between six to seven hours of it really depends on how you use it. But I really think you can get around 10 hours on this particular machine, and I say guys hope you guys enjoyed this review on the Lenovo ThinkPad T14s AMD. 

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