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Lenovo Legion Y540 RTX 2060 Gaming Laptop Review

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What’s up guys it is Rizvi from the Gsmarena and does not freak out we just did a quick unboxing on the Lenovo Legion Y540 gaming laptop so what comes inside the box, so we have our safety warranty guide right here. We have the Lenovo Legion Y540 setup guide, we have a heavy gauge power cord. And our power adapter which is actually 230watts. And I’m actually going to take the power cable and plug it into the power brick and bam good to go. And last but not least we have the beautiful raven black Lenovo Legion Y540 gaming laptop weighing around six points 30 pounds with a thickness of 1.05 inches, I picked this guy up because I needed to upgrade my gaming system, and because my son is getting into PC gaming I gave him my laptop. And I said to myself, hey, why not get a laptop that a lot of people are talking about. So I picked up the Y540, and I’m super impressed with this guy okay so the Y540 has a lot of ports. This is one of the things that I love about this machine because I’m able to plug in a lot of stuff.

Now if you have the laptop facing you, to the point that you are able to open it up like this on your right-hand side, you only have one 3.1 USB port on your left-hand side you have your audio combo jack, as well as one 3.1 USB port on the back, have one type C port, a mini display an additional 3.1 USB port HDMI to RJ45 or your Ethernet port and last but not least your power port. Alright, so we just went over some of the ports and features on the Lenovo Legion Y540. This is one of the things that I like about this machine a lot is because it gives me multiple USB ports, as well as a Mini DisplayPort and also an HDMI, and don’t forget about that RJ45, because that allows me to hardwire into I could game. So let’s open this guy up and take a closer look right here just open this guy up real slow, bam, awesome. Now the power button on the Lenovo Legion Y540is actually located right here at the top of the keyboard so we’re going to press it to turn it on. Okay, so let’s talk about the keyboard trackpad display and all that good stuff on the Lenovo Legion Y540 so let’s focus on the trackpad now the trackpad itself, using it.

I didn’t have any issues at all, it just worked. If you want to know the measurement of the trackpad if you take a quarter a nickel and three dimes, that’s going to measure around3.9 inches, which is pretty large for the keyboard itself, it is a full keyboard layout, which gives you the number pad, another Lenovo is upgrading the Legion lineup with the number pad keyboards and the direction of keys are being moved. Now the keyboard is super responsive I didna have any issues when I was typing or using my Word or going online or when I was gaming. It is super fast, you’re able to get a quick reaction with it no hesitations at all, the pressure on the keys itself is really smooth, you don’t really need to put too much pressure to actually use it. If you want to know the key measurements between each key, you take a penny and a nickel that’s gonna measure around zero points 12 inches. Now the keyboard itself is backlit, which is awesome and the color is white.

Now the speaker location on the Lenovo Legion Y540 they actually located at the bottom right here the keyboard. They’re pretty loud and the highest that I got was around 86.9 decibels. Now for the display on the Y540, I got the one that 17.3 inches IPS display for the refresh rate for this particular model I got the one that is 144-hertz resolution is only 1920 by 1080, the brightness level right now. If you want to know the brightness I think this is his highest right now with the brightness. And this is the lowest if you want to know it’s around 300. Now for the webcam, you would think that the webcam is right here at the top for this model the webcam is located right here at the bottom which is kind of odd. It does have the Privacy Guard right here which allows you to slide it to your right to open it, and then slide it to your left to close it, the Lenovo Legion Y540 is capable of doing HDR but it is Windows HDR, you got to go inside the settings and enable it and you’re able to view content that has HDR technology on it.

Now how did I get my Lenovo Legion Y540 set upright because it all depends on what you get on this machine and then you know the price goes up even more but the way that I set my thing up was awesome how to get these specifications. So let’s look at it so let’s right-click on the taskbar. Let’s go inside Task Manager, let’s go-to a performance. Let’s open this guy up a little bit, you know, right-click on the CPU go to change to graph logical processor and the Lenovo Legion Y540, I got it hooked up with the i7 9750H processor with a clock speed of two-point 60 gigahertz. Right now, one socket six cores 12 logical processes, woof. Yes, I know. Now for memory only got 16 gigs, but you are able to max it out on the Lenovo site to up to 32 gigs for storage I have two C drive and a D drive.

My primary hard drive is only 256 gig and my D drive is actually one terabyte for my graphics card I actually got it hooked up with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2016, now what the specifications, I was able to do everything that I normally do with my day to day life, right, I was able to edit 4k video encode decode using Media Encoder, I was able to watch movies, I was able to do everything Photoshop, Illustrator, I was able to game doing a little bit of League of Legends, Overwatch, Fortnite with my son gaming online with him using this machine. This machine is capable of handling anything, I did notice some heating around this area right here in this area especially around this area, but the reason why you know it’s gonna get hot because it’s actually using all that power that’s inside this machine. Don’t get me wrong the Lenovo Legion Y540 has a lot of vents, you got vents right here in the side as well as the vent kind of curve all the way to the back, and at the very bottom, you have more ventilation, to keep it nice and cool Now the Lenovo Legion Y540 is an awesome laptop and it all depends on how you get it configured when you’re purchasing at the Lenovo site, I don’t consider this laptop to be a traveling laptop because the battery sucks like really bad.

So I’m actually going to go here and I’m going to show you guys that I did three tests using PC Mark 10, on this particular machine. The first test was all about modern office battery life, I did a little bit of Word, PowerPoint searching online and it constantly did that. It only lasts about three hours in one minute, right on my second test just pure video playback, two hours and 38 minutes, and then my last test was gaming. Yes, gaming, one hour and 20 minutes, I do not recommend playing this laptop, without a power adapter. When you’re gaming because you’re going to see that your performance is gonna drop, and that’s not what you want, right, so I basically mean you got to have this laptop plugged in 24 seven, if you are gaming basic usage got maybe three and a half to four and a half hours of battery life without plugging it in, you’re able to go inside BIOS and change the graphics mode to discrete or switchable graphics mode.

When I use both of them in testing out the battery I didn’t really see a difference I still got between three and a half to four and a half hours, but again it really depends on how you use it. If you change the brightness of the display and do a couple of tweaks to disable all the animation, make sure you disable some of the windows updates so it won’t run in the background. You could probably get a little bit more, but the average was around three and a half hours. All right, so let’s conclude our review on the Lenovo Legion Y540 I’m super happy that I got this guy, and the specifications that I got. I’m extremely happy with the price, I got a lot of deals and coupons and stuff, but the retail price is it really depends on how you get it configured starts around $900 to $1500 dollars. Now the way that I got mine set up with the graphics card, the memory, the two hard drives, and all that other good stuff plus the refresh rate 144 hertz on the display. I got around $1200 dollars that’s a great deal. Again I use a lot of coupons and codes and stuff to drop down that price.

Now the only thing that I did not like about the Lenovo Legion Y540 is the fan noise that produces around this area right here. And the only time I see that is when I’m actually using Adobe Premiere or I’m rendering stuff out within Media Encoder, the fan noise gets really loud, don’t get me wrong, you get used to it, and you kind of like it filters output at first you say to yourself like wow why is this so loud. Right. But it’s just a machine really using all those, you know components to actually produce what you want. You really hear it when you’re gaming. The fan noise would get really loud. Lenovo Legion Y540 is extremely easy to upgrade just put it flat down to the point that you are able to see the back part of it. There are two screws in the very front, take those two screws, slide it, boom, and then you have full access to the hard drive in the memory and that’s super easy.

I do enjoy the design and the color of theY540. Raven black beautiful color. And then on the display top, you have that nice little Y signature that lights up the location of the webcam, I think a lot of people complain about the location of the webcam it’s a big no-no that’s in the bottom, you don’t really use it a lot when you’re like streaming. Typically you will use a USB webcam and just place it at the top of the display and just use that and that’s it. Hopefully, you guys enjoyed this review on Lenovo’s Legion Y540. I still think that this machine is a great fine if you want to get into gaming and you need a laptop I will definitely get this done asap. I know Lenovo is going to be releasing a lot of Legion laptops pretty soon, but, I mean, for the price, and what it does and what it has, it works for me. It was right there in the budget.

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